About the Organization

Customer audit checklist, you will identify areas of improvement concerning processes and procedures, as well as verifying if customer’s product requirements are adequately researched, established, and implemented.

Key Objectives

  • The purpose of this research is making an ordering food application based on Android with New Order, Order History, Restaurant Profile, Order Status, Tracking Order, and Setting Profile features
  • In order to ensure the best user experience and to provide an excellent service on timely basis, we have strategically tied up with India’s biggest wallet service provider- Paytm.

Project Requirements

  • Manage the all kind of reports.
  • Manage all audit details
  • It's use to order food with location whys audit.

ammaaa is having different modules that can serve different foods.Ammaaa is paperless general solution for food delivery.ammaaa is having different modules that can serve different foods.