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Category : Desktop Application

Location : India

Intro :

Sanatorium is a software enabling hospitals to manage information and data related to all aspects of healthcare – processes, providers, patients, and more, which in turn ensures that processes are completed swiftly and effectively.

Main Expertise :

1. Appointment

In this page patient appoinment can take and select the
doctor and patient details will be filled and saved the

2. Consultation

Doctor will see the patience details and it will check the details and prescribe the medicines through that and doctor can see the patience history also.Reminder of patient details will see.Doctor will assign that patient will admitted on which floor.Doctor can update the patient details.Medicine will also assign.

3. Admitted Patient

It will show that patient admitted on which floor in which room and on which bed and it will show that on which floor in which room bed is empty or not according to that patient will admitted.

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