About the Organization

Sat based on location why's audits

Ensuring compliance on an everyday basis can get tricky and very expensive to the business if standards aren’t maintained. Site audits performed by auditors help businesses gauge readiness, by inspecting:

- Inventory & Stock
- Fixed Assets
- Warehouse/Outlet
- Facilities / Tools

Key Objectives

  • The purpose of this research is making an ordering food application based on Android with New Order, Order History, Restaurant Profile, Order Status, Tracking Order, and Setting Profile features with audit

Project Requirements

  • Manage the all kind of reports.
  • Manage pictures audit details
  • Add Locations
  • Create Checklist
  • Mobile App Access
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Geofencing
  • Summary Reports
  • Historic Data Local Access

sat is having different modules that can use in audit

Digitize paper, excel and informal audit workflows, a single platform with –

Mobile enabled Audit

Real-time visibility

Geo Tagging and compliance

Integrated Task anagement

  • Create client wise questionnaire
  • Create groups and allocate
  • Monitor audits from single dashboard
  • Simply and directly upload evidence pictures from the mobile device
  • Generate reports audit wise, status wise for further monitoring and reporting

Value Addition

Upto 5x faster audits Quicker inspections, instantly generated reports, managed access

Everyone in Sync From field teams to management, everyone knows when and what to do, and who is accountable

Realtime visibility Spot trends, resolve issues quicker, improve your operations

The Solution

Customer audit checklist, you will identify areas of improvement concerning processes and procedures, as well as verifying if customer’s product requirements are adequately researched, established, and implemented.